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PE with PSP- Basketball 

This half term our PE learning has been focussed on basketball. We practised our skills of dribbling, passing, making space and communicating with our partners. Yesterday we had the opportunity to apply our learning in a game of basketball. Year 2 have really enjoyed their first half term of PE! 

Black History Month Showcase

Today, Year 2 had the opportunity to go into the hall and admire some of the wonderful work that each class has produced during Black History Month. It was lovely to see all of the amazing things that our friends in other classes had done! Year 2 looked at Rosa Parks and why she was inspirational person. We wrote diary entries as Rosa Parks and thought carefully about how she might have felt on the day when she refused to move out of her seat on the bus. Year 2 began to understand what the word 'apartheid' means. 

Year 2 have enjoyed their collective worship this week. Our word was 'Thankfulness' and Sienna and Alan planned a beautiful worship together.