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The Anglo Saxons 

Was Saxon England the same at the end of their 600 years as at the beginning? 

The Anglo Saxons came to Britain 410AD after the Romans left the land to defend their empire. Tribes from Europe came to settle in Britain, the main three were called: the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, whose homelands were German, the Netherlands and Denmark.
The Anglo Saxons invaded the North East coasts of Britain, meanwhile the Scots (a tribe from Ireland) invaded the north of which was inhabited by the Picts.  Historians believe that these tribes came to Britain for a number of reasons: their homelands (Scandinavia) frequently flooded making it tough to grow crops; the Angles were invited by Britons-who needed help defending themselves from the attacks of the Picts and Scots in the north- however, they didn't want to leave; Britons, the natives of the land, were not well known for their battle skills, therefore the land was easy pickings for invaders. 

Did you know? 
Scotland gets its name from 'the land of the Scots'. The Scoti tribe invaded the north of Britain, which at the time was known as Pictland- the land of the Picts. 
England has derived from 'Angle-Land'; the land of the Angles. 

Our Archaeological 'Dig'

We looked closely at some artifacts from the Anglo Saxon era and made predictions as to what they were, how they were used and what this may tell us about the Anglo Saxons. 
This lesson gave us the opportunity to
work collaboratively, share our ideas and theories, and our classroom BUZZED with a passion for learning