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Internet Safety 2021

This year's theme is Free to be me: exploring identity online. 


In our learning the classes will explore the idea of our online identity and how the internet shapes the ways they think of themselves and others. We create our identity online in a number of ways, such as: the things we share with each other, how others perceive us and interact with us, as well as how online services use the information we share to identify and profile us. 

Our assembly this week, started to get us thinking about our online identities, as we explored the things our avatars say about us to others. We learnt that our avatar can be used to express ourselves, but we must remember not to create one that has a likeness of our true image. 

What does my avatar say about me?

For Safer Internet Day 2020, we asked 5-11- year olds across the UK to share their thoughts on their online identities. Join the conversation by using #freetobe and #SaferInternetDay. Find out how to get involved in Safer Internet Day at