We are a Values-based School

Holy Family

Catholic Primary School

At Holy Family we grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus

Teaching and Learning Vision

 As a Catholic school, we put the teachings of Jesus Christ at the heart of our curriculum.

The curriculum we offer at Holy Family is determined by statutory requirements and also by the priorities the we have identified. We want children to achieve their maximum potential academically, to develop their own talents and skills and to be enriched by a range of  experiences which will equip them with the thinking skills, values and self confidence to lead a purposeful and fulfilled adult life.


We are a ’Growth Mind-Set’ school. The children are challenged in their learning and take responsibility for some of their learning. The children are taught about ’The power of … yet!’ We believe if we are struggling on something that that is a good thing because we are ‘wobbling’ in our learning. Then we look at the strategies to help us learn.