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Holy Family

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At Holy Family we grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus


Autumn Term 1 September - December 2020

Gardening Club

We love our clubs!

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club takes place every Friday lunchtime and is led by Mrs Hancock. The club is  a structured session based on P4C (Philosophy for Children).  Philosophy for Children is an approach which enhances children's thinking and communication skills where philosophical questions are open to examination, further questioning and enquiry.


What do our children think?

"I love this club because it is different and unique." Ben, Year 5

"I like this club because it gives you the opportunity to speak up and share what you think." Katie, Year 5

"I enjoy talking about our topic." Luminette, Year 3


Clubs for Spring 2

We have many clubs on offer this half term. Which one will you choose?

  • Dodgeball
  • Gardening Club (Year 1 upwards)
  • Philosophy Club (KS2)
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Art and Craft (KS2)
  • Forest School 
  • Minecraft Club (KS2)
  • Drama
  • Marathon Club - Year 6

Cookery Club

What's cooking?

This week, Cookery Club have been learning how to bake festive treats and they smelt delicious smiley

Minecraft Club

Our Minecraft Club takes place every Tuesday, from 3.15 - 4.15pm, in the Year 5 classroom and is led by Miss Williamson.

Our Christmas Dance Showcase.

Our Dance Club children have been showing their passion for dance over the past few weeks, creating a selection of festive pieces to share with their families.

On Monday, they took to the stage to showcase what they had choreographed and were congratulated with a huge round of applause. It was wonderful to see how they how they had worked together as a team and we were all incredibly proud.

Well done children smiley


At Holy Family we grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus.

As part of this we are currently developing a range of extra - curricular activities for our children. These activities take place at lunch time and after school. The children inform us of any new activities which they would like to try through our School and Learning Council.

Our aim is to provide our children with a rich and varied range of opportunities to experience and enjoy.


What do our children say about the clubs?


"At basketball I learn a lot of new skills and get better each week."


" They are wonderful because people learn new things."


"They are fun."


Spring Timetable


For more information about our clubs, why not have a look at the Club Board in the Year 3 corridor!



News Flash!

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Shooting Stars Academy to provide a Yoga and Football Club  for our children.

Yoga Club is aimed at Key Stage 2 and takes part on a Monday in the Nursery.

Football Club is aimed at both Key Stages and takes part on a Wednesday. 


Coming Soon........

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