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Holy Family

Catholic Primary School

At Holy Family we grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus


We have looked at lots of wonderful texts during the Autumn term, a particular favourite of ours was 'The Naughty Bus.' We even had our own delivery of buses. It soon became clear that one of our buses was naughty too, as one day when we arrived at school, our classroom was a huge mess and there were tyre prints everywhere! We realised one of our buses was missing and set out to find him! We created wanted posters and shared them with the rest of the school. Soon, we received a letter from the Naughty Bus, asking for our help, as he was lost somewhere in our school! We followed the clues and eventually found him hiding in the musical instrument trolley! We then helped him to become a sensible bus and go on a good adventure, he even changed his name to the Good bus!