We are a Values-based School

Holy Family

Catholic Primary School

At Holy Family we grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus

Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent


Learning at Holy Family is Values-based. We have four School Values; We care about respect, Passionate about learning, Growing our hearts and minds and Together we succeed. Our values shape how we behave, what we say, how we build relationships and how we learn. They are incorporated in every aspect of life at Holy Family. They are a focus in assemblies, behaviour and learning activities.

Our values are addressed directly through lessons and assemblies, but also permeate the whole curriculum. Our children learn what our values are, how to recognise them and how people react to them, equipping them with invaluable social skills and emotional intelligence. We encourage them to consider the values in everything they do and thereby to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as reflective learners. During our weekly Values Assembly children are rewarded on the behaviours shown against each value.


‘Values are taught and referred to at every opportunity. The children quote the statements readily and in a variety of contexts. They understand how the statements help them to improve in both their learning and their behaviour.

VbE is the foundation of every aspect of the curriculum and pupils are actively encouraged to use them to support their learning and to reflect on their learning.’

(Values-based Education Quality Mark Report December 2018)


When a child leaves Holy Family Catholic Primary School at the end of Year 6, we ask ourselves, what has their experience been, have they enjoyed school life and their learning and how have we impacted on each individual’s life?


Have we prepared the children academically, socially, morally and spiritually for the next steps of their life journey? Have we fed their curiosity in order for them to become lifelong learners? More importantly, have we set them on the right path to grow, learn and succeed in the footsteps of Jesus?


As a school community inclusive of pupils, parents, staff and governors, we reflect on the above questions with the intention of creating an authentic curriculum that is personal to the unique needs of the children of Holy Family, whilst also being in line with the National Curriculum.


We have categorised the behaviours of our curriculum into our four school values. These behaviours are the backbone to how and what we teach the children, underpinning our curriculum.

We care about Respect Passionate about Learning
  • Promoting Catholic Values
  • Kind, empathetic and friendly - a good citizen
  • Appropriate friendships and being a good friend to others
  • Look for opportunities to develop our world and make a difference
  • Independent Learners
  • Achieve their potential - attainment and progress
  • Self-belief
  • Enthusiastic
  • '1'for effort
  • A positive work ethic
  • Active learner - keen to learn, look for opportunities and keen to participate
Growing our Hearts and Minds Together we Succeed
  • Risk-taker
  • Resilient
  • Personal and Social self-belief
  • Well rounded
  • Positive self-esteem and happy in their own skin
  • Role model to others
  • Reflective
  • Confident and know themselves
  • Grasp opportunities
  • Challenge themselves - academically and socially  
  • Parental confidence and support
  • Collaborative learners
  • Working together to make a difference