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Before COVID-19 closed our school, we were enjoying our new class reading book at the end of each school day. The children look forward to story time everyday and in times such as these I feel it right that we bring back a little normality. We asked our children to find their 'inner brave', and so here is me, finding my inner brave. Pardon my wobbles, my mispronunciations, I hope Year 5 can take some enjoyment in still sharing our class reading book together. 

Each day, I will upload an audio clip for the children to listen to and so the journey of Itch: The Element Hunter continues! 

Starting with chapter 5, the one that we were reading before school closed, we rejoin Itch who has had quite a to-do so far. Recap: We are introduced to Itch- a teenage boy- who lives in Cornwall with his sister(Chloe) and mum (Jude). Itch loves science! With a particular interest in the elements of the periodic table, he collects them and stores them in his bedroom.
We meet Itch after an experiment in his bedroom goes wrong, a large explosion leaves him without eyebrows. His mother forces him to move his collection into the shed, which causes Itch to bring his most prized collection into school in his schoolbag- a decision he will come to regret. The arsenic-infused wallpaper in his bag reacts with the warm, damp conditions of the greenhouse during a science lesson, causing vomiting on mass and a few pupils and a teacher hospitalised. The school is closed for investigation, Itch and his cousin (Jack) go on work experience in a local tin mine and she takes a piece of tin-ore for his collection. On the way home, Itch confesses to Jack that the incident at school was his fault. And so, the story continues...
As we are introduced to different elements of the periodic table, you could research them as part of your home learning. You could learn about how they are used or where they might be found or even study other elements on the periodic table. 

Please share anything you do, your passion for learning is really helping keep our spirits up smiley

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Itch Chapter 13&14.mp3

Warning: This chapter (15) contains sensitive content; death. The event is then referenced in chapters that follow. 

Itch chapter 15.mp3

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Itch Chapter 19!.mp3

Two clips for today- Miss Shingler had a wobble smiley

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The last chapter is here and it's a long one!

Itch Chapter 30.mp3

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