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PE lessons with PSP 

We have been enjoying our PE lessons with Jess from PSP. 
Our sporting focus is Games: Football and Basketball. 

Passing a ball in different ways and receive a pass

We developed our skills using a range of passes from chest pass, to bounce pass and even a javelin pass! To challenge ourselves further we could opt for a small basketball, as these are more tricky to catch. We then put our skills to the test in an invasion game- we had to pass the ball to out player who was in the other team's box. 

We worked on the same skills within football, which offered a different level of challenge for many of us. 

Demonstrating 2 different ways to make a short pass and receive with the 'W' shape

Successfully make a pass into space for a teammate to move onto

Our second lesson this week took a slightly different turn as it was raining. We adapted the game and were able to develop our skills when opposed, as well as work on our passing accuracy. 

Key words from our lesson 

Unopposed - applying defensive pressure but without making a tackle.

Opposed- defensive player tries to make tackles and regain possession of the ball.