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The Arrival 

Our class book for Autumn 2 was The Arrival by Shaun Tan, this is a graphic novel and tells the story of a man's journey to another land. As a class, we LOVED this book and the children were enthused to read more to discover what would happen to the main character. We produced some lovely writing from the novel from diary entries to non-chronological reports. 

The Mysterious Man and his case 

We were taken by surprise to find out that a mysterious gentleman had left a case in the office for Year 5. Intrigued, we made predictions as to who the man might be and what might be inside the case. Everyone had the opportunity to study the case and many took on the challenge of lifting it- we were HOOKED from the very start. 

The Mysterious Man and his case

Excitement bubbled all lesson, until finally the case was unlocked. Inside an array of objects, papers and clothing was revealed, which allowed us to make inferences and deductions about the mysterious man. We pieced together that the man dresses smartly, as there were trousers, shirt, tie and brown leather shoes inside. We also discovered that he had a family; a wife and young girl, however, we were puzzled by papers with unfamiliar symbols and writing. 
After discussing and bouncing ideas off each other, The Arrival was finally revealed. 

The Arrival Part I

Part One of the orchestral suite based on Shaun Tan's spectacular novel The Arrival. The graphic novel tells the story of a father's journey to an unknown land in order to seek a better life for his family.
The protagonist finds himself in a mysterious new world of foreign customs, peculiar animals and indecipherable languages where he must push through any social, lingual or cultural barriers to forge a new life for him and his family.

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We looked at themes within the book and acted in role as a refugee on the colossal ship; replicating the interview process when arriving in the new country.