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Parliament Week 2019

Parliament Week 2019

This year, Parliament Week took place from the 2nd - 8th November and everyone at Holy Family took part.

The children were given a range of focuses for the week from:


  • Nursery and Reception looked at the Queen.
  • Years 1 and 2 looked at The Houses of Parliament.
  • Years 3 - 6 look at the events of Peterloo in 1819.


We began the week with a visit from our Mayor Rob Chilton, who launched an exciting week of learning about democracy with a Q&A session with KS1 and an assembly with KS2. The children enjoyed asking him a variety of questions about the important role which he plays in our local community and current issues which are arising in Trafford. 


People's History Museum.

On Monday afternoon, Manchester People's History Museum visited KS2 for a performance focused on the of the events at Peterloo in 1819. 

Manchester Law School

On Tuesday, Manchester Law School visited us to provide the children with a range of workshops about democracy and Peterloo. They took part in a variety of activities from applying their inference skills to consider what they could see happening in paintings to debating. The children had lots of fun!


What did our children think about Peterloo?


"Peterloo was a landmark in our history which helped to form our Parliament today. It is one of the reasons that we have equal rights. It shows that if we work together then we can make a change."


By Ashwin, Nell, James and Leo

Polling Day

All of the classes took part in debates about a chosen topic. Years 1 and 2 thought about which would make a better pet, a cat or a dog; KS2 considered a variety of arguments about whether the voting age should be reduced to 16 years old. Each class then visited the Polling Station to place their vote using an individual ballot paper. The Communication Team then counted the votes and reported back to the classes which had gained the majority vote.



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