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Parliament Week 2020

  The 1st - 7th November 2020 marks U.K. Parliament Week and at Holy Family we will be extending our learning over two weeks in order to immerse our children in democracy.

  This year's theme is 'It starts with you' and so we will be focusing on empowering our children in feeling that they can make a change. We will look at influencial figures from a variety of ethnic backgrounds  who have striven to make a change through their work on equality. One of these is Learie Constantine who was instrumental in bringing about the Race Relations Act of 1965 following his maltreatment whilst visiting London to play cricket. 

  In addition, we will be exploring the importance of exercising our right to vote as this is how we can make a change; many people in the past have fought for this right. We will talk about how we vote for many things each day - which book we would like to read, what we would like for our tea or which game to play on the playground. We will also be finding out about how our M.P.s are chosen to represent us in Parliament  to discuss changes in their constituency. 

  Our Key Stage Two children will be challenged to create their own political parties, thinking about a party name, logo and promises. Their peers will then vote for their favourite party.  

  Picture books such as the ones below will be used across the two weeks to engage all of our children.


  We can't wait to get started with our learning. Don't forget to take a look at our Twitter page where we will be celebrating our learning.