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Black History Month- October 2019

October is Black History Month in the UK and it has been celebrated nationwide every year for nearly 40 years. This month was originally founded to recognise the contributions that people of African and Caribbean backgrounds have made to this country over many generations. Now, Black History Month has expanded to include the history of Asian people and their contributions too. Over the month we recognised and celebrated many important figures from History. We were very fortunate to begin our celebrations with a visit from Elizabeth and Yemi, from Rehoboth for families, to showcase the best of Africa’s history, food, fashion, dance and culture. It was a wonderfully informative session for the children.


Then each class had an inspirational person to focus their learning on over the month. The children enjoyed the showcase at the end of the month.

Year 1- African prints

Year 2- Rosa Parks

Year 3- Claudette Colvin

Year 4- Martin Luther King

Year 5- Nelson Mandela

Year 6- Walter Tull