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School Council

Smart School Council 2020 - 21


This year we will be continuing to engage with the online tool Smart School Council. Their mission is to help every child to engage with democracy and lead change in their school and the world around them. In addition, it supports the development of skills such as compromise and negotiation in all of our pupils. This means that all of our children became members of the School Council and have had the opportunity to vote on a variety of topics linked to school life e.g rewards, playground equipment. This is done via an online tool which is displayed on the interactive whiteboard in individual classrooms. These class meetings are led by members of the Communication Team who are then able to analyse the data and share the results with the rest of the school.


This team was elected in September in the usual democratic manner, with 2 members from each year group (1-6) being elected as part of the team.


Smart School Council

This year at Holy Family we are developing our School Council by teaming up with Smart School Council. This online tool enables all of our children, across school, to be active members of the School Council. Each class takes part in a Class Meeting every 2 weeks and this is lead by the Communication Team members which they voted for as a class.

Our aim is to empower our children to feel that each and every one of them has a voice and the ability to make a change in a democratic manner.

To find out more why not visit the Smart School Council website




Class Meetings


Our School Council's aim this year is to raise pupil voice in school.

We meet every 2 weeks to discuss a variety of topics relating to our school life.


Meet the School Council!



Coming soon to Holy Family's School Council.....



Visit the website to find out more.


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'Have your say'

Have you got something which you would like to tell your School Councillors?

Why not pick up a slip off the board, fill it in and give it to them.


Parliament Week 2018 - 19

This year's Parliament Week focused on the Suffragettes and their fight for the right to vote. 

We kick-started our week with a trip to Pupil Parliament where we took part in a debate led by Mike Kane.

We were visited in school by Manchester Law School who ran workshops with our KS2 children about voting.

Each class held a debate on whether we should make our school day longer and we even got a special delivery of Ballot Boxes to collect our votes! In addition, we had the opportunity to ask members of our Youth Cabinet questions about their role in our local community.

What a busy week of learning!

Citizenship Ceremony

On Tuesday 2nd April 2019, our School Council walked to Sale Town Hall to watch and take an active part in a Citizenship Ceremony. The children sang for those present and were congratulated with a warm round of applause. 

Well done to all of the children.


Mayor's Visit

On Friday 22nd March 2019, our Mayor Councillor Tom Ross visited Holy Family to hear all about our School Values.

First he met with the School Council for a short question and answer session, before spending some time visiting each of our classrooms.

Skype the Speaker 2019

Wow! What an exciting morning we have had at Holy Family today!

We were able to Skype Lord McFall at The House of Lords to ask him some of our questions about his role in Parliament. Each of us took it in turns to sit at the laptop and ask our question, as everyone else listened carefully to his responses on the whiteboard. We found out who had inspired him, how he became an MP and much, much more!

What have we looked at so far?

  • Clubs and activities
  • Anti - Bullying Policy
  • E - Safety
  • Pupil Parliament
  • School Values
  • Pupil Questionnaires

Pupil Parliament 2018

On 25th January 2018, four of our Year 6 children visited St Anthony's School in Wythenshawe for a Pupil Parliament Day.

It was a fantastic event where the children were given opportunity to get to know others, work collaboratively and share ideas. It was also a chance to celebrate our local community and learn about democracy and debating; as well as giving them an insight into what happens within the House of Commons!

The day was led  by Rachel Dodgson, Parliamentary Outreach Officer North West and David Bone, Pupil Parliament



A few snapshots from the day!

What did the children think?


 Last Thursday we went to St Anthony’s for Pupil Parliament day. We got to meet lots of other children. As a team building activity we have to get into groups and build the tallest free standing paper structure.

 During the day we learnt about Parliament and its history. We also spent some time learning about Emily Davison and the Suffragettes. We learnt about democracy and how important it is for everyone to vote, especially women.

 We also had to take boxes that we had made to represent our school and our local community.

It was a great experience and we had an amazing day.

Coming Soon.......




Parliament Visit

On Tuesday 8th May we were visited by Rachael Dodgson who is an outreach officer from Parliament. 

She taught us all about voting, democracy and the House of Commons. We then took part in a debating workshop. 

Later on, she was joined by our local MP Mike Kane who answered our questions about his job and his role in Parliament.

It was lots of fun!