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Class Work

Welcome to Year 2! smiley

The Queen's Handbag- Steve Antony 

Year 2 have been learning about 'The Queen's Handbag' by Steve Antony. We have really enjoyed this book and on Friday we had the chance to learn about adverbs. We worked in pairs to make the book even better by adding some adverbs into the story. 



Addition and Subtraction

We have been learning all about addition and subtraction in Year 2. Today we were adding 2-digit numbers with our learning partners. We used the base 10 to help us find the answers to questions that we picked out of a 'lucky dip'.


Biscuit Bear- Mini Gray


Year 2 were shocked to arrive and find a crime scene had appeared in the classroom overnight. It looked like a baking disaster! This week the children have been busy trying to solve this mystery. To begin with, some of us thought this may have been something to do with Thomas Farriner from pudding lane. We know that he doesn't have much luck when it comes to making! However, our investigations have led us to believe that this may have been Biscuit Bear!! 

DT- Food Technology

Our Design Technology learning has been about food this half term. We have practised important skills such as cutting, washing food, food hygiene and grating. We applied these skills by making our own food salads. They tasted delicious!